Halka Ka Akhriso Qoraal Shan Page ah oo Kahadlaya Xasuuqi uu Rajiimka Abdi Ilay Kagaystay Deegaanka Gaashaamo Kaas oo Loogacan Galiyay Raysal Wasaaraha Dalka Ethiopia

July 10, 2016 in Wararka by somalilandlive Staff
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    Halka Ka Akhriso Qoraal Shan Page ah oo Kahadlaya Xasuuqi uu Rajiimka Abdi Ilay Kagaystay Deegaanka Gaashaamo Kaas oo Loogacan Galiyay Raysal Wasaaraha Dalka Ethiopia

    Halka Ka Akhriso Qoraal Shan Page ah oo Kahadlaya Xasuuqi uu Rajiimka Abdi Ilay Kagaystay Deegaanka Gaashaamo Kaas oo Loogacan Galiyay Raysal Wasaaraha Dalka Ethiopia

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Halka Ka Akhriso Qoraal Shan Page ah oo Kahadlaya Xasuuqi uu Rajiimka Abdi Ilay Kagaystay Deegaanka Gaashaamo Kaas oo Loogacan Galiyay Raysal Wasaaraha Dalka Ethiopia

Isaac Somali Ethiopian Diaspora Community, Ottawa, Canada.


Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, Federal Democra c Republic of Ethiopia, O ce of the Prime Minister,

P.O. Box 1031 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Your Excellency,

The Somali Regional Government has increasingly become belligerent and aggressive. It incessantly carries out coercion, torture, abduc on, incarcera on, massacres, ethnic cleansing and assassina on in the Somali Region. The most recent massacre was perpetrated in the Jama Dubad village, in the vicinity of Gashamo District. Recently, 21 people have been executed and has ly buried without given proper respect or me for family members to grieve. The Somali Regional Government con nues to in midate Ethiopian ci zens in the Somali-Region in their own backyards without regard to guilt, innocence, age or gender.

The following are the names of Jama Dubad vic ms. There are 21 fatali es, who were innocent civilians nursing their normal daily life rou nes, when they were rounded up, taken out of the mosque, houses and streets, then cold bloodedly murdered.

333 Prince Albert St. Ottawa, ON. K1K 1Z2 (613) 716-7965 moelmi2014@gmail.com

1 Cabdi Aadan Dhuux
3 Dhabuke Cabdi Guure 5 Farax Cabdi Aadan

2 Cirobe Xaashi Fuuraa 4 Hibo Haaruun Yusuf 6 Caasha Jamac Fidhin


7 Indho Deeq
9 c/raxiim ibrahin yusuf
11 maxed yusuf xusen
13 Cabdi Ismacil Diiriye
15 Maxed Salax Fidhin
17 Carab Xasan Biqirje
19 Maxed Xarir Faarax Fidhin
21- Khadra Xirsi Xusen Warsame.

8 Casha Maxed Jamac
10 Qorane Ismacil Carafe
12 Xamse Cabdi Axmed
14 Cabdi Ismaciil Care
16 Sayid C/lahi Cateye
18 Maxed Axmed Jamac Afdabayl

20-Farax Cirobe Fuuraa

Elders are being abducted from di erent villages including Moholin, Gorgor and Booda dheere, all in the Gashamo district. The Elders are being taken to di erent loca on for interroga on. Whole villages are being surrounded, houses and businesses are being con nuously ransacked and disrupted with the pretext of searching for weapons. These unconscionable and unlawful use of force are designed to terrorize the people with the intent to drive them away from their homes and villages. You could agree with me that no human being with a shred of dignity and moral value could withstand such humilia on and inhuman prac ces by the Liyu Police of that administra on. Such ferocious act of violence and in mida on could not be jus ed neither by the cons tu on of the Federal Government of Ethiopian, nor by the regula on and rules of the Somali Regional Authority, and are counterproduc ve to say the least.

The people of that region do not pose any threat to Regional Authority, nor do they have links to any terrorist group. The constant coercion and belligerence commi ed by the Somali Regional Authority are in direct viola on with the UN

Page 02

Universal Declara on of Human Rights ar cles 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 11. All of which are prohibi ng torture, discrimina on, imprisonment, viola on of fundamental right, prejudice to race, religion, sex, color and denial of life and liberty.

Therefore, we ask the Federal Government to step in and to bring the killings of innocent ethnic Somalis to an end. These terrible acts of violence are designed to ethnically cleanse the region. Many ci zens have already ed and le their homes, and are now refugees in places such Durukhsi, Haji Salah and other border areas between Ethiopia and Somaliland.

As a rst step, to express our grievances, and to underline the discontent of our diaspora community with regard to these mass killings commi ed by the New Police, we are planning to hold a peaceful demonstra on in front of the Ethiopian Embassy in O awa on July 8 between 14:00 – 16:00. Furthermore, we request an audience with the Ambassador and Security o cials at the Embassy at a me of their convenience. It is our desire to present addi onal documents, and convey our sorrow and aliena on to the Federal Government of Ethiopia.

Likewise, we seek to hear sugges on and solu ons on how to explore ways to bring jus ce and peaceful coexistence of the Ethiopian people. It is vital for any reconcilia on to nd the perpetrators of Jama Dubad massacre and to bring them to jus ce. It is in the interest of the Ethiopian Federal Government to heed to the calls and to end the hemorrhage decreed by the butcher of the Region Mr. Abdi Omer and his ruthless killing machine – the New Police. Cease the torture, in mida on and massacre before it spills over to a more uncontrolled armed struggle and quest for freedom.

To conclude, let me remind you a brief history of Somali Ethiopian Territory. The 1884 Egyp an withdrawal from Berbera, Zeyla, Bulhar, Harar and the Sudan unleashed a scramble over the evacuated areas between Great Britain, France and Ethiopia. The race was to three areas: Fashoda, Harar, and the Somali country. By 1885, the Bri sh had won the race to the Somali country, and had signed various trea es with Somali elders in which they agreed `never to cede,

Page 03


sell, mortgage, or otherwise give for occupa on--save to the Bri sh Government- -any por on of the territory presently inhabited by them, or being under their control'.

Sir Rennell Rodd led the Bri sh diploma c mission to Ethiopia with the aim of regula ng the eastern fron er of the Protectorate and safeguarding Bri sh commercial and strategic interests. To achieve these objec ves, the `concilia on of Ethiopia during the last phase of the Khartoum campaign' was considered of great necessity. Menilek was pleased with the conciliatory gestures of the mission, as well as with its `no-nonsense proposals and the logic of Bri sh non-involvement in Ethiopia'. The pawn in the `concilia on' of Ethiopia was Bri sh Somaliland, a territory in which Lord Salisbury had li le interest because he considered it as part of the `light lands of Africa'. For his neutrality, Menilek, who was at the me `recons tu ng the ancient limits of Ethiopia', demanded `nearly half of our Somali Protectorate'. A er much haggling, he se led for a `he y third', which was ra ed in the 1897 Anglo-Ethiopian Treaty.

The treaty consisted of six ar cles. The rst ar cle endorsed trade across the borders of Ethiopia and Bri sh Somaliland. The second ar cle called for the demarca on of the fron ers of Bri sh Somaliland through nego a ons between Rennell Rodd and the governor of Harar, Ras Maconen. Ar cles three, four, ve and six dealt with the opening of the caravan route between Harar and Zeila, gave both na ons `advantage' in du es and taxes, allowed for the transit of arms and ammuni on for Ethiopia through Somaliland, and prohibited the passage of arms for the Mahdists through Ethiopia. The nego a ons between Ras Maconen and Rennell Rodd produced three annexes to the treaty.

The rst annex recognized the need of the hitherto Bri sh `protected' peoples of Somaliland to receive `equitable treatment' and `special care' from the Ethiopian Government once it had taken over the territory. The second annex demarcated the boundary between Bri sh Somaliland and Ethiopia. The `Rodd line' subsequently de ned the boundary of Somaliland. The third annex recognized the right of the `tribes of Somaliland to graze and water their livestock in their tradi onal areas. In other words, the `tribes occupying either side of the line shall have the right to the grazing-grounds on the other side, but during their migra ons it is understood that they shall be subject to the jurisdic on of the territorial authority.'

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To insure peace and tranquility in the region, the following demands should be recognized: -

  1. the rights of the Somali pastoral communi es to `cross the fron er for the purpose of grazing, as originally set out in the Anglo-Ethiopian Treaty of 1897 and the le ers annexed thereto' should be respected and honored.

  2. A separate local government should be setup for the Haud and The Reserved Area. This new administra on should receive special status that falls under the jurisdic on of the Federal Government of Ethiopia – independent from Zone 5 administra on of the Somali Region.

  3. Haud and The Reserved Area did not receive any noteworthy investment, and the Somali Regional Authority does not inject any funds to support development in that region. Consequently, years of neglect and disregard have devastated the infrastructure of the region. Therefore, the Federal Government of Ethiopia should insure and make funds available for the purpose of improving educa on, Water and Sanita on facili es, electricity, road networks and hospitals.

  4. As men oned in this document, the perpetrators of Jama Dubad massacre should be found and brought to jus ce. This will discourage any similar acts to reoccur in the future, and is vital to safe guide a secure environment for the region to ourish.

  5. Damages and compensa ons should be paid to all those families who have lost loved ones in that barbaric act in Jama Dubad as well as others in di erent loca ons who may have sustained similar tragedy.

Media Links referencing to Jama Dubad Killings: -

h ps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TWiAm3jEQY (in this video, one could see a 2-year-old boy who lost his mother and his grandmother. He has also sustained bullet injury to a leg and chest. The Boy’s mother was a Bri sh ci zen, who went there to spend me with the boy’s grandmother.

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h ps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrGpVw4yYKs (in this video, one could hear an old-blind-man who reiterates what has been done to him and what he could hear).

h p://www.cabays.com/warar/ethiopian-army-massacre-more-than-40-villagers-in-gashamo-distric-in-the-somali-region/

h ps://qarannews.com/the-massacre-at-ina-jama-dubbed-of-gaashaamo/

h p://qumannews.com/ar cles/5141/Qumannews-Tv-Daawo-Madaxweyne-Ina-Iiley-Isagaa-Ka-Masuula-Dadka-Lagu-Xasuuqay-Jaamac-Dubad-Ee-Degmadda-Gaashaamo-Xildhibaano-Golaha-Guur dda-Somaliland-Ka-Tirsan-Oo-Ka-Hadlay-Xasuuqii-Liyuu-Boolisku-Kula-Caruur i-iyo-Dumarkii

h p://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/foreign-policy/285060-ethiopia-it-is- me-to-stop-the-reign-of-terror-of-the

h p://www.hu ngtonpost.com/yohannes-woldemariam/the-ethiopian-regime-is-d_b_8507642.html

h ps://qarannews.com/daawo-waraysi-argagax-leh-nin-8-sanadood-ku-xidhnaa-jeel-ogaadeen/ (an interview of an American man, who has been tortured and mistreatment in Jigjiga prison of the Somali Ethiopian Region)

Sent copies to: General Secretary bkm@un.orgInterna onal Court of Jus ce:  page6image6520,ICTJKenyaInfo@ictj.org
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: lmah-sen@amnesty.ca

Mohamed A. Elmi
Isaac Somali Ethiopian, O awa.



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